Piccolo using the guided scattershot against goku

Chasing Bullet (追尾弾, Tsuihidan) is an energy wave used by Piccolo. Piccolo uses this attack in a similar manner to the Explosive Demon Wave, with one arm supporting the one that is firing the beam itself. The beam is yellow-orange in color and is faster than the Explosive Demon Wave. It also has the ability to home in on its target, with considerable power, but not as much as the Explosive Demon Wave.

Piccolo used this attack in an enraged attempt to defeat Goku in the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament. Goku was at first dimissive of it and unimpressed by its unoriginality, so he simply leaped out of the way. However, he soon realized that he was mistaken after the Chasing Bullet turns around and comes right back at him. Goku then lept high into the air and fired a Kamehameha to stay ahead of it. Goku suddenly dropped out of the air and ran toward Piccolo, leading the beam directly into the horrified Namekian. Piccolo's arm became badly wounded, forcing him to rip it off and regenerate a new one.

Piccolo used Chasing Bullet again while training with a clone to prepare for the two Saiyans' arrival.

There is also speculation that Piccolo used this same attack in Dragon Ball Z: Cooler's Revenge to vaporize Doore, one of Cooler's personal militiamen. The beam's color, considerable power and homing capability lead many to believe this is the case. Much later in dragonball a new beginning Chris used this attack on Steve but he lead the blast to Chris who blocked it barely.