The Feint Masenko is a more powerful version of the move that Gohan used against Dabura during there battle and it was only used twice once by May during her battle against Dabura and second by her son Goten during his battle against Devlin.

May first used this attack during her fierce battle against Dabura and after diving down into the lake below she unleashed an ultimate masenko at Dabura but he was ready to block it and right before the blast hit him May appeared near him before kicking him so fast not even Spike could see herwhile Dabura was sent through the terrain of the battlefield causing a great deal of damage and May dodged her blast just in time.too. However Dbabura quickly recovered and continoued the fight.

Much later her first son Goten used this move against Devlin. Goten flew down into a nearby lake before using the Feint Masenko tricking Devlin into thinking it was a normal masenko but to his surprise he was kicked by Goten sending him through the battlefield before Goten dodged his attack that he used as a distraction however Devlin recovered and continoued the fight.


Goten using the Feint Masenko.