Atomic Blast (アトミックブラスト) is a rush attack used by Vegeta in his Ascended Super Saiyan form. First, Vegeta says, "You fool!" and punches the opponent in their stomach. Then, he attacks the opponent with a roundhouse kick and a punch to their back. Finally, Vegeta flips upside down in the air and blasts the opponent away with a yellow energy wave fired from his hands, inflicting a huge amount of damage.

Vegeta used this attack during his battle against Semi-Perfect Cell. Vegeta lured Semi-Perfect Cell into the ocean and the Android began blasting the surrounding area in order draw out Vegeta. When the Saiyan prince finally appeared, Semi-Perfect Cell tried to attack him, but Vegeta counterattacked with the Atomic Blast rush, battering and blasting the Android out of the ocean. [1]Vegeta's upside down blast

Prior to his battle with Cell, Vegeta used an attack very similar against Recoome on Planet Namek, but blue in color: while Recoome got a hold of him, Vegeta fired the finishing blast of the Atomic Blast Rush on Recoome's face, knocking him on the ground.

Atomic Blast was named in Dragon Ball: Raging Blast, and is one of Vegeta's Super Attacks in his Ascended Super Saiyan form.